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Think Of Money As A Tool

Most people don’t think of money as a tool.

To achieve any form of financial independence or freedom, you must change the way you think of money.

Money as we know it represents a mechanism for exchange and the financially savvy treat it as such.

Throughout history, money has come in different shapes and sizes.

There was a time when salt was used as money and today we use salt as a seasoning for food.

Why Money Should Be Treated Like A Tool

First we must define what a tool is.

Merriam Webster’s definition of money is, “something used in performing an operation”.

Money as a tool helps us in performing tasks which in this case, a medium of exchange.

So if you are in the market to purchase a new home, car etc, in order to accomplish this tasks, you need money.

Money is an idea and unfortunately, most people place too much emphasis on acquiring money.

The wealthy use money as a tool to enhance their lifestyle while the rest of the population chases money due to a lack of financial literacy.

The only way to be financially secure is to increase your value in the marketplace and money will find you.

You must change the way you view money if you intend to elevate your personal finance.

Treat Your Personal Finance Like A Business.