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Treat Your Personal Finance Like A Business

In this present economic climate, it is vital that you treat your personal finance like a business.

So what does a business have in common with you?

First and foremost, a business provides goods and services and in return generates income.

Secondly, in order to provide these goods and services a business incurs expenses.

Third, in order to expand and grow, a business must invest what ever cash is left over at the end of the week, month or year in it’s growth or borrow money for growth.

Treating Your Personal Finance Like A Business

Just like a business, you go to work to earn income in order to survive.

In order to provide for your basic necessities such as housing, food, transportation etc, you have to incur some expenses.

The difference between your income and your expenses is what is left over for investments.

Investing in income producing assets is the key to your personal financial well being and wealth creation.

You must change how you manage your finances in order to position yourself financially.

Steps On How To Be Secure Financially

  • Create a budget and stick to it.
  • Know your numbers, i.e, know your total assets, liabilities and networth.
  • Increase your income.
  • Decrease your expenses.
  • Invest your positive cashflow in income producing assets.
  • Never fall into the lifestyle expense creeps. Basically, because your income increases doesn’t justify over extending yourself.

These steps might seem simple however, it will require a complete paradigm shift in your thinking to pull this off.

These are the same steps I am applying in my journey to growing my wealth and financial independence.

By staying focused, disciplined and committed, you too can learn to treat your personal finance like a business.

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Lifestyle Success Tips

The 7 Keys to Success

What are the 7 keys to success?

Success comes from achieving our goals and brings us fulfillment and happiness.

A Successful Person always strives for perfection and will not rest on his or her laurels.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a successful person.

Is he rich or poor? Surely, most of us associate success with rich people.

So, success and wealth are inseparable from each other? Yes, it’s likely to be so.

But wealth is not a target for a successful person. It is just one of the steps to achieving a bigger goal.

What do you think are the main reasons, hindering success?

It is a fact that there some outer reasons, not depending on you, for example, war, flood and so on.

And what about objective sound reasons? If you find one, we will debate it with you.

But so far I dare say there is none!!!!

All the reasons are subjective (inner) and thus – everyone can get rid of these reasons, changing something in himself.

We create the greatest obstacle in achieving success with our fears.

Here are the 7 keys to success:

1) Have a Clear objective. Without focus, no achievement is possible. A thoroughly equipped ship with a wonderful crew will arrive nowhere if it hasn’t any course of direction.

2) Develop a strategy. Unplanned success is a planned defeat. An accurate and logical strategy helps to achieve results. A successful person fulfills a small portion of his great plan every day. If you stick to your plan, then you will achieve success.

3) Have a Positive Attitude. You live in a world you create for yourself. Stop being afraid of failures and you will reach your success.

4) Have Faith in Success. Faith strengthens your potential, and doubts destroy it. Believe in the possibility of achieving success and no obstacles can stop you.

5) Invest in Your Education and Training. Stay consistent with your education and training. These are the attributes of a successful person. The world is ever-changing, and you must invest in you.

6) Self –improvement. This helps us improve our lives, and overcome our fears. You are the master of your destiny, your success, and happiness.

7) Self –confidence. This helps us achieve great results by overcoming our fears and biases.

By applying the 7 keys to success discussed above will give you a significant edge and help you achieve massive results.

How To Improve Your Personal Life.

Lifestyle Personal Development

How to Improve Your Personal Life

This post shows you how to improve your personal life.

When you are ready to improve your personal life, you must turn your wants into needs.

I need to be successful, be a great parent, need that promotion, need to save my relationship, etc.

How To Improve Your Personal Life

Most of us spend time convincing ourselves that our dreams will never come true.

We may feel that our dreams do not amount to anything.

Low self-esteem affects our quality of life.

You can turn the negative thoughts into positive reflections, which will enable you to improve your personal life.

The next time you have destructive thoughts, take a deep breath and say to yourself, I love myself, just the way I am.

Learn to walk tall and think about what you want to accomplish.

Create plans, write down your goals, and take action.

Steps In Becoming A Better You

Thinking positive is a great way to improve overall personal life.

Surrounding yourself with good influences will encourage you to acquire better behaviors.

You will learn to practice these new habits daily.

Conquer your bad habits and you will improve your personal life.

Tips for personal development and growth

You must learn to say no.

Our natural instinct is to help others.

Are you sacrificing your needs to take care of other people’s needs?

Are you taking actions to stop activities that spreads you thin?

If you spread yourself too thin, it will lead to sleepless nights, since you will feel anxious and depressed.

Do you constantly keep yourself in the center of conflicts?

If so, avoid this situations at all cost.

Try to stay away from situations that drag you down and take you beyond your control.

If you are focusing on the wrong things in life, you are not improving your overall personal life.

Do you tell yourself that you are not good enough?

Do you feel like you deserve what you get even though what you get causes you sadness?

For some people, it is easy to focus on negativity, which causes them ongoing depression.

What you are doing is taking away opportunities from yourself.

For some people, this seems selfish, or boisterous, yet it is not.

Learn to become your own best friend and give yourself compliments.

Stop focusing on your self and criticizing your every move, and forget about past mistakes and focus on your future.

Sure, we can say it is easier said than done; yet if you put in the effort it is much easier.

On many occasions, we do not take responsibility for our own actions.

We had rather live a life blaming others for our mistakes or misfortunes.

Do not obsess over past mistakes, and stop blaming others for your misfortunes.

We all make bad choices in life, own up to them.

This is a part of life.

Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Treat every failure as a learning experience and in due time, you will improve your personal life.

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The Main Reasons Why You Are Broke

In this post, you will find out the main reasons why you are broke and how to turn things around.

We live in one of the most prosperous times in human history with technological advancements and information overload.

However, majority of the population are living paycheck to paycheck and are broke.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t beat yourself up, because you are part of a vast majority of the population in the same predicament.

Here Are The Main Reasons Why You Are Broke

  • Lack of financial education.
  • Lack of discipline.
  • The pursuit of instant gratification.
  • Having a consumer mindset.
  • Adhering to old paradigms.
  • Trying to impress people.

Lack Of Financial Education

It’s unfortunate that most people lack financial education.

Financial education is not taught in schools and most families don’t invest the time and effort to educate themselves on financial matters.

This is one of the main reasons why you are broke.

Financial education or financial literacy is the bedrock for achieving financial security and freedom.

In order to stop the madness and get on the right track, you must invest your time and enough in educating yourself on everything financial.

From budgeting to investing, you must make a decision starting today to get financially savvy.

Read books on personal finance, do google searches on personal finance, and go on YouTube to search for topics on finance.

This should be your first steps on getting out of your financial situation.

Lack Of Discipline

The next reason why you are broke is due to lack of discipline.

In order to achieve financial security/freedom, you must be disciplined with you finances.

Most of us lack self discipline and as such struggle with our finances and remain broke.

Having discipline means you create a monthly spending plan or budget and stick to it.

You must resist temptation of impulse purchases and marketing tactics from retailers.

By creating and sticking to a budget, you will develop a great habit and stay disciplined with your finances.

The Pursuit Of Instant Gratification

Yes, this is a big one.

We are bombarded today by advertising and marketing messages on the latest products and services.

In addition, social media platforms are now the main source of the distraction and marketing strategies.

Due to the availability of easy credit, it’s very easy to purchase things due to impulse without giving a second thought.

We see the latest shoe, hand bag, smart phone etc, I feel we must have this item now.

If you do not want to stay broke, you must learn to delay gratification.

Having A Consumer Mindset

Having a consumer mindset also ties into pursuing instant gratification.

Most of us are consumers and because of this mindset, we are leveraging credit cards and other debt instruments to fund our lifestyles.

This is another reason why you are broke.

I am not implying that you shouldn’t buy things, however, every purchase you make should be planned.

As soon as you let go of your consumer mindset, you will see purchases differently and make smart decisions with your money.

Adhering To Old Paradigms

Adhering to old paradigms is another reason why you are broke.

Because everyone is in debt doesn’t mean you too should be in debt.

If everyone is jumping off a cliff without a parachute, does that mean you should do the same?

You must change your mindset and think differently when it comes to your finances.

Do not follow the crowd but do things differently.

There is a reason why the wealthy act poor and the middle-class and the poor act rich.

The wealthy have mastered the art of finance and that is why they are wealthy.

They invest their money in income producing assets while the rest of us invest our money in depreciating assets such as cars, boats, etc.

Change your paradigm and you will change your life.

Trying To Impress People

The truth of the matter is that at the end of the day, nobody cares how big your house is, how expensive your car is, how expensive your clothes are, etc.

Most people try to impress their friends and family by over extending themselves with big purchases.

You may fool people with your so called rich lifestyle, but this comes at a price to your finances.

There are cases of individuals earning 6 or 7 figures income but yet live paycheck to paycheck.

It call comes down to living beyond your means and investing in income producing assets.

If you can afford things, then by no means go ahead and purchase them.

Remember that all purchases you make must be planned without having an adverse impact on your finances.

The Road To Financial Freedom.

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Cash Is King

Following the principle of “Cash is King,” you can change your life forever.

Life will be less stressful financially and you will be taking your first major step toward “financial security”.

“Cash is King” is an easy principle to understand and for some, however, it may be difficult to follow.

We live in a world of credit and we do not respect or understand the value of cash.

If you follow this simple principle of “Cash is King” you will start on the road to “financial peace of mind”.

Why Cash Is King

Here are two basic suggestions on how to follow the principle of “Cash is King”:

When you are paid make sure you allocate enough money to pay your rent/mortgage, utilities and any other fixed expenses you may have.

Any amount of cash that is left should be withdrawn from your checking account to be used for food, clothing, gifts, entertainment, gas, etc.

The best way for you to control this cash would be for you to create a budget.

Also, you can adopt the envelope system.

The envelope system entails labeling envelopes and allocating funds to each envelope representing an expense.

For example, you could label an envelope groceries and each paycheck, you allocate an amount of cash that you place in this envelope.

Now, remember that this cash is the only way you can spend. Once you have used all your cash there will be no spending until your next paycheck.

This is tough! No credit/debit cards? You must be kidding!

How will I ever get through to my next payday without using my credit/debit cards?

Stick with “Cash is King” and manage your money.

Start by finding the cheapest places to buy gas, run your errands more logically and take your morning coffee from home instead of buying that latte every day.

You will have to find new ways to manage your cash and the first few weeks will be the toughest.

You may even run out of cash before your next payday, however, you will stick to the principle “Cash is King” and eventually find “financial peace”.

After several weeks it will get easier to manage your cash and you will be surprised to find extra cash available before your next paycheck.

What will you do with that extra cash? Many say put the extra cash into a savings account or pay a little extra towards one of your debts.

The choice is yours to do whatever your heart desires.

By following this principle, you will be on your way to establishing a secure financial future.

The Road To Financial Freedom.

Treat Your Personal Finance Like A Business.

Lifestyle Personal Finance Wealth Creation

The Road to Financial Freedom

The road to financial freedom is there for anyone willing to put in the effort.

Most people have 46 to 49 years of income-producing efforts and more if you plan to work into your “retirement” years.

During that time, we must complete our education or training, get a job or open a business, while meeting the many demands of life.

We have to provide for food and shelter, clothes and transportation, childcare expenses, college tuition, vacations, Christmas presents, insurance premiums, and more.

How is it that some people can retire at age 50 in spite of all this while others will never retire at all.

If you’re just starting out, you are nowhere near your peak earning power.

You might have to buy your first suits or business dresses for your new job.

You also want to enjoy life, go on vacations, buy or lease new cars, and rack up debt.

Here’s How-To Create Your Road To Financial Freedom

There are individuals who have figured out the road to financial freedom.

Here is how they have done this.

First they live within their means and save as much as possible.

Take advantage of all the tax shelters the government allows and if possible, save even more.

Invest in or start a part-time business, rental properties, or learn to increase their returns through smart investing.

Have adequate insurance against potential risks that could ruin them financially.

Use debt wisely as a tool to build wealth.

For example, they can leverage to build a real estate portfolio.

Take advantage of tax credits, government-guaranteed loans, or grants offered to small businessmen to fund multiple streams of income.

Don’t use debt to purchase depreciating assets.

They factor in taxes when planning their lifestyle and investments.

For a little over $3.00 a day, starting at age 22, you can amass a portfolio worth over $850,000 in an IRA.

The difference between the financially independent and the rest of us is that they can make investing a priority.

Most people complain they have no money left over and that they live from paycheck to paycheck.

There are stories of very low-income people who manage to put multiple children through college but also graduate school and leave millions to their favorite charity.

These people are special in the sense that they had a goal and stuck to it no matter what.

They worked hard, saved their money, and achieved what they set out to accomplish.

Anyone can achieve financial freedom.

You just have to be disciplined and have your priorities in order.

You must make a conscious decision to be an investor and not a consumer.

This is what it will take to get you on the road to financial freedom.

The road to financial freedom is yours for the taking.

Steps To Gaining Financial Freedom.

Cash Is King.

The Main Reasons Why You Are Broke.

How To Set Goals.

Lifestyle Personal Finance Wealth Creation

Steps To Gaining Financial Freedom

In this post you will learn the steps to gaining financial freedom.

Have you ever wondered how to gain financial freedom so you never have to worry about money?

Are you spending more than you make and going deeper into debt? You can change this trend!

The first thing you need to know is that, if you are making financial planning decisions based on how much money is in your bank account right now, then you are being controlled by money.

This usually creates constant worries about money. You need to control money in order to gain financial freedom.

Luckily there are money management steps to gaining financial freedom.

However, most people are completely unaware that they exist.

This is not the type of financial planning involved in investments such as stocks and bonds.

Steps To Gaining Financial Freedom

1) Create a budget. A budget here is the amount of money it takes for the organization or household to function and to attain its goals.

This is also called the break-even point and shows the minimum amount of income required to stay afloat. This is the first step in effective cash flow management.

2) Find ways of increasing your income. Remember, you’re going after YOUR financial freedom.

3) Figure out your expenses and debt and write them down.

4) Find out how much of your income is actually available to spend. Most people forget that when the money comes in, some of it is already committed.

When you spend more than you brought in, the difference usually ends up on a credit card as debt.

When you are striving for financial independence, spending less than you make is critical.

5) Set aside regular amounts of cash from your income for the future – always pay yourself first and put the money in savings toward gaining financial freedom.

For substantial wealth building, a minimum of 10% is recommended.

6) Apply some of your money towards paying off past-due bills, debt, current bills.

Also, set aside funds for future large expenses that are difficult to pay when they come due. The key is to be consistent.

7) You must invest a portion of your money in income-producing assets.

Why is cash flow management important? Cash flow is your lifeblood. of a business. Life runs smoother when cash is available.

It takes personal discipline and commitment to achieve the goal of financial freedom.

When executed correctly and consistently, the end result is an abundance of cash, all bills paid, and plenty of money in reserves to finance your lifestyle.

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The Road To Financial Freedom.

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Why The Rich Get Richer

It’s no secret “why the rich get richer” and the middle-class and others are struggling.

If you aspire to be rich, then here are 5 simple reasons why the rich get richer.

Pay Yourself First

This is the first principle that the rich abide by, they pay themselves first before anyone else.

We all work hard for our money but yet choose to pay others first.

The key to getting ahead and being fiscally fit is by building a massive capital reserve for emergencies, investments and fun.

The rich understand this basic concept and this is why the rich get richer.

By paying yourself first, you set aside resources for savings and investments.

These investments go to work for you generating more income and cash-flow.

The rich value their time and always look for ways to maximize their efforts.

We all have 24 hrs in a day and as such, we can not work the whole 24 hrs.

The rich look for opportunities to generate income even while they are sleeping.

The rich always have their money working for them and not them working for money.

By paying yourself first, you set yourself up to capitalize on opportunities.

Remember do what the rich do and pay yourself first.

Invest Their Money

The rich get richer by investing their money.

Investing your money is the key to growing your income, cash-flow, and networth.

The only way to be rich and wealthy is to invest your money in income producing assets.

Examples of such assets are real estate, stock market, businesses, gold, silver, and other precious metals just to mention a few.

If you want to be rich and wealthy, you must invest your money.

Build Businesses

The rich build businesses that generate multiple income streams.

The name of the game is cash-flow and the rich understand this and that is why they are constantly exploring opportunities to create more cash-flow.

As stated earlier, the rich and wealthy value their time while the middle-class and others exchange their time for money.

Having only one stream of income is the most risky form of existence.

As of my writing, we are currently experiencing the biggest health pandemic.

The effect of this could be felt globally with businesses shutting down or going bankrupt and employees laid off etc.

Conditions are so bad that the USA government had to bailout businesses and send stimulus checks to it’s citizens.

This is why you must not rely on one source of income.

So look into starting your own business or businesses because as a business owner, you get to enjoy all the tax benefits of owning a business.

Long-Term Mindset

This is another reason why the rich get richer.

They have a long-term mindset and are always planning for the future.

Every move they make is well calculated and they are never afraid to take risks.

The middle-class and others are always seeking instant gratification and never have long-term planning.

Yes, it is ok to indulge, however, the rich only indulge using the cash-flow from their investments.

The rest of the population indulges using their hard earned money.

To get ahead financially, you must have long term plans and only acquire income-producing assets and use these incomes to fund your lifestyle.

Build Networth

The rich get richer by focusing on building their networth.

The rich never focus solely on income but rather by growing their networth.

The only way to grow your net-worth is by investing in income producing assets which grow in value over time.

The key to building your net-worth is by having a personal financial statement and reviewing it on a consistent basis.

The financial statement has 4 sections:

  • Income
  • Expense
  • Assets
  • Liabilities


This section lists your income sources, paycheck, dividends, business, real estate, etc.


List all your expenses, car payments, utilities, mortgage, students loans, etc.


This shows all your assets, remember assets produce income, therefore your house is not an asset unless it generates monthly income for you.


The liabilities section list what you owe such as, your mortgage loan, car loan, student loan, consumer loan, credit card debt etc.

Your net worth is calculated by subtracting the total of your liabilities from your total assets.

This is why the rich get richer.

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Why Celebrities Love Dubai

In this blog post, you will see why celebrities love Dubai.

You might ask yourself, why do celebrities love Dubai?

Here’s Why Celebrities Love Dubai

The emerging trade, commerce, and tourism activities in Dubai are fundamentally changing the world perception.

British footballer David Beckham and the Spice Girl Victoria have been seen walking out of a famous five-star hotel.

From top movie stars to sports celebrities and from the multi-billion empire holders to the average vacationers.

This goes to show how the world’s view of the Middle East has transformed.

The William sisters – Serena and Venus and Andre Agassi have played in Dubai.

There was a friendly match between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer on the helipad of Burj Al Arab hotel.

Tennis balls were seen falling into the Arabian sea as the two players proceeded with some of their favorite strokes.

Tiger Woods has been seen using the same helipad for his golf practice.

Woods was in Dubai to take part in the Dubai Desert Classic and couldn’t resist the temptation of practicing on such a breathtaking height.

Celebrity spotting has become one of the new trends in Dubai’s social life.

The competition between hotel owners trying to appeal to celebrities and high net worth individuals is getting intense.

Hotel owners are building more luxurious hotels for this clientele.

This means exclusively targeting business travelers and the multimillionaires from across the globe.

Lebanon and Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt have tried to raise the stakes, however, Dubai is way ahead of the game.

By opening up its borders, Dubai has become a top vacation destination.

There is a fundamental change in attitude towards the Middle East.

By allowing many foreigners on its soil, Dubai has made its friendly intentions known.

Expatriates will continue to play a crucial role in the local economy.

All of the above factors are why celebrities love Dubai.

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Purchasing A New Recreational Vehicle

Purchasing a new recreational vehicle is a big commitment.

You certainly are not going to take the first deal you’re offered.

It is very important that you are well informed when you’re thinking about purchasing a new recreational vehicle.

This is some serious cash you’re going to be spending and you want to get the best possible deal.

Finding An RV Dealer

Recreational Vehicle dealers make large profits on the sale of each vehicle.

There are many sites online that can be a help to you with finding the actual MSRP on a new recreational vehicle. A great website resource is

Recreational Vehicle dealers, like car dealers, buy their vehicles wholesale due to the number they buy, they have a fairly wide profit margin generally 15% to 35%.

The dealer price you see on the vehicle isn’t necessarily what he has paid for it with incentives he receives from the manufacturer.

Make sure that you visit at least three recreational vehicle dealers with the same or similar vehicle.

When you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a motor home you want to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Deals do differ from region to region and from dealer to dealer.

New & Used RVs for Sale Online -

Don’t become attached to any recreational vehicle. Remember, this is a new vehicle, and if you bypass this one the factory can always build another exactly like it.

Make sure that you do your research into the dealers after-sales service.

Many dealers are your best friends during the deal, but then lose interest after the sale.

You want to check with friends and family that own recreational vehicles and perhaps with the Better Business Bureau before making your purchase.

Remember to visit for everything you need to know about purchasing a new recreational vehicle.

Need a Personal Loan? Check out “Types of Personal Loans”.

New & Used RVs for Sale Online -